A taste of thyme : culinary cultures of the Middle East

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  • Culinary cultures of the Middle East.
  • Culinary cultures of the Middle East
  • Culinary cultures of the Middle East
  • Culinary cultures of the Middle east.
  • London ; New York New York : Tauris Parke Paperbacks ; Distributed in the United States by St. Martin's Press 2000
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xvi, 302 pages ; 20 cm
  • 1860646034
  • 9781860646034
  • "Based on a conference organized by the Centre of Near and Middle Eastern Studies ... in April 1992"--Preface.
  • Originally published: London ; New York : I.B. Tauris: under title: Culinary cultures of the Middle East, ¬©1994.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 281-293) and index.
  • Introduction / Richard Tapper and Sami Zubaida -- Food production in the Middle East / Tony Allan -- National, communal and global dimensions in Middle Eastern food cultures / Sami Zubaida -- PART I: CUISINES, DISHES, INGREDIENTS: From the Caucasus to the roof of the world: a culinary adventure / Bert Fragner -- Social reality and culinary fiction: the perspective of cookbooks from Iran and Central Asia / Bert Fragner -- The Mayhane or McDonald's? Changes in eating habits and the evolution of fast food in Istanbul / Holly Chase -- The taste for layered bread among the nomadic Turks and the Central Asian origins of baklava / Charles Perry -- Rice in the culinary cultures of the Middle East / Sami Zubaida -- Al-Kishk: the past and present of a complex culinary practice / Francoise Aubaile-Sallenave -- PART II; FOOD AND THE SOCIAL ORDER: The revival of traditional cooking in modern Arabic cookbooks / Peter Heine -- Jewish food in the Middle East / Claudia Roden -- Food and gender in a Yemeni community / Ianthe Maclagan -- You are what you cook: cuisine and class in Mecca / Mai Yamani -- Eating habits and cultural boundaries in Northern Iran / Christian Bromberger -- PART III: THE LANGUAGE OF FOOD: Beyond taste: the complements of colour and smell in the medieval Arab culinary tradition / Manuela Marin -- Blood, wine and water: social and symbolic aspects of drinks and drinking in the Islamic Middle East / Richard Tapper -- Of leaven foods: Ramadan in Morocco / Abedelhai Diouri -- Food as a semiotic code in Arabic literature / Sabry Hafez.
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  • Presents the pivotal role of food culture in the Islamic world, from the plains of Central Asia to the Spice Bazaar of Istanbul and the rocky heights of the Atlas Mountains. This book will appeal to anyone interested in food and the culture of food. It is written by respected scholars from varied disciplines, and covers a wide range of geographical areas. This pioneering book considers the culinary cultures of the Middle East in a variety of contexts. Written by scholars from different disciplines - history, sociology, geography, anthropology and literature - it covers a wide geographical area, from Central Asia to Morocco. The contributors discuss various aspects of historical and contemporary processes, including likely origins and diffusions on ingredients and dishes, changes in food production and eating habits, contemporary revivals of traditional cooking, literary representations of food and drink, and the class, gender, and communal dimensions to food.
  • Includes information on Afghanistan, alcohol, almonds, Araqi people, Azarbayjan, barley, butchers, butter, cheese, coffee, color of food, dates, eggs, Egypt, fish, Gilanis, Greece and Greeks, honey, India, Iran, Islam, Islamic Revolution, Israel, Istanbul, Kurds, Kurdistan, Lebanon, meat milk, Morocco, Ottoman Empire, Ramadan, rice, soup, sugar, Syria, Turkey and Turks, water, wine, women, yoghurt (yogurt), etc.