Science and Religion in Dialogue.

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  • SCIENCE AND RELIGION IN DIALOGUE -- Contents -- VOLUME ONE -- Lists of Figures and Tables -- Biographical Sketches -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction to Volume One -- Part 1 Has Science Really Destroyed Its Own Religious Roots? -- 1 The Nature of Science -- 2 The Religious Roots of Science -- 3 The Alleged Demise of Religion -- Part 2 God and Physical Reality: Relativity, Time, and Quantum Mechanics -- 4 Relativity, God, and Time -- 5 General Relativity, The Cosmic Microwave Background, and Moral Relativism -- 6 Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality -- Part 3 Interaction Between Science and Christianity -- 7 Science and Religion in Harmony -- 8 How Christians Reconcile Ancient Texts with Modern Science -- 9 Christian and Atheist Responses to Big Bang Cosmology -- Part 4 Interplay of Scientific and Religious Knowledge Regarding Evolution -- 10 Scientific Knowledge Does Not Replace Religious Knowledge -- 11 God, Evolution, and Design -- 12 Human Evolution and Objective Morality -- Part 5 The Universe Makes It Probable That There Is A God -- 13 What Makes a Scientific Theory Probably True -- 14 The Argument to God from the Laws of Nature -- 15 The Argument to God from Fine-Tuning -- Part 6 A Paleontologist Considers Science and Religion -- 16 Is Intelligent Design Really Intelligent? -- 17 God and the Dinosaurs Revisited -- 18 Science and Religion in the Public Square -- Part 7 Christian Faith and Biological Explanation -- 19 Evolutionary Creation: Common Descent and Christian Views of Origins -- 20 A Scientific and Religious Critique of Intelligent Design -- 21 Biology, the Incarnation, and Christian Materialism -- Part 8 Religion, Naturalism, and Science -- 22 Science and Religion: Why Does the Debate Continue? -- 23 Divine Action in the World -- 24 The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism.
  • Part 9 Science and Theology as Faithful Human Activities -- 25 Two For the Ages: Origen and Newton -- 26 The Holy Trinity of Nineteenth-Century British Science: Faraday, Maxwell, and Rayleigh -- 27 A Professor in Dialogue with His Faith -- Part 10 Cosmology and Theology -- 28 Our Place in the Vast Universe -- 29 Does God So Love the Multiverse? -- 30 Scientific and Philosophical Challenges to Theism -- Part 11 Science Under Stress in the Twentieth Century: Lessons from the Case of Early Nuclear Physics -- 31 The Copenhagen Spirit of Science and Birth of the Nuclear Atom -- 32 When Scientists Go to War -- 33 Scientific Responsibility: A Quest for Good Science and Good Applications -- Part 12 The Science of Religion -- 34 The Evolution of Religion: Adaptationist Accounts -- 35 The Evolution of Religion: Non-Adaptationist Accounts -- 36 Evolutionary Accounts of Religion: Explaining or Explaining Away -- Part 13 Belief in God -- 37 How Real People Believe: Reason and Belief in God -- 38 Reformed Epistemology and the Cognitive Science of Religion -- 39 Explaining God Away? -- VOLUME TWO -- Introduction to Volume Two -- Part 14 Background Topics for the Science and Religion Dialogue -- 40 Reflections on the Scientific Revolution (1543-1687) -- 41 Designing a Universe Congenial for Life -- Part 15 Stewardship and Economic Harmony: Living Sustainability on Earth -- 42 Earth's Biospheric Economy -- 43 The Steward and the Economist -- 44 Sustainable Living in the Biosphere -- Part 16 Cosmology and Theism -- 45 God, Time, and Infinity -- 46 Time and Eternity -- 47 The End of the World -- Part 17 Theology and Science in a Postmodern Context -- 48 Theology and Science in a Postmodern Context -- 49 Science and Divine Action -- 50 Theology, Science and Human Nature -- Part 18 Darwin and Intelligent Design -- 51 Darwin and Intelligent Design.
  • Part 19 The Laws of Physics and Bio-Friendliness -- 52 The Nature of the Laws of Physics and Their Mysterious Bio-Friendliness -- Part 20 Time and Open Theism -- 53 The A-Theory of Time, Presentism, and Open Theism -- Part 21 Science and Scripture -- 54 A Kind of Darwinism -- 55 Darwinism and Design -- 56 Science and Scripture -- Part 22 The Mutuality of Science and Theology -- 57 Science and Religion in Western History: Models and Relationships -- 58 Overcoming the Problem of Induction: Science and Religion as Ways of Knowing -- 59 God and Time: Relative Timelessness Reconsidered -- Part 23 Physics and Scientific Materialism -- 60 The Laws of Physics and the Design of the Universe -- 61 The Multiverse and the State of Fundamental Physics Today -- 62 Philosophical Materialism and the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics -- Part 24 Biotechnology and Human Dignity -- 63 Embodied Being: Evolution and the Emergence of the Human Person -- 64 Embryos, Ethics, and Human Dignity -- 65 Biotechnology and the Human Future -- Part 25 Science, Emergence, and Religion -- 66 Freedom, Consciousness, and Science: An Emergentist Response to the Challenge -- 67 Mediating Between Physicalism and Dualism: "Broad Naturalism" and the Study of Consciousness -- Part 26 Theories and Unobservables: The Realist/Nonrealist Debate in Science and Religion -- 68 Scientific Realism -- 69 Religious Realism -- 70 Experience and the Unobservable -- Glossary -- Index.
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  • This two-volume collection of cutting edge thinking about science and religion shows how scientific and religious practices of inquiry can be viewed as logically compatible, complementary, and mutually supportive. Features submissions by world-leading scientists and philosophers Discusses a wide range of hotly debated issues, including Big Bang cosmology, evolution, intelligent design, dinosaurs and creation, general and special theories of relativity, dark energy, the Multiverse Hypothesis, and Super String Theory Includes articles on stem cell research and Bioethics by William Hurlbut, who served on President Bush's Bioethics Committee.

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