Storm and stress along the northern frontiers of the ʻAbbāsid Caliphate / translated and annotated by C.E. Bosworth.

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  • Ta<r?ikh al-rusul wa-al-mul?uk.
  • Tārīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk. Selections. English
  • Albany : State University of New York Press [1991]
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1 online resource (239 p.)
  • 0-7914-9721-6
  • 0-585-14799-X
  • Translation of extracts from: Tārīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages [217]-229) and index.
  • English
  • Description based on print version record.
  • Front Cover ; The History of al-Tabari: Editorial Board; The History of al-Tabari: Vol. XXXIII; Copyright; Preface; Table of Contents; Abbreviations; Translator's Foreword; Table I. Genealogy of the 'Abbasids; Map 1. The Central Lands of the Caliphate during the Reign of al-Mu'tasim; The Events of the Year 218 (cont'd) (January 27, 833 - January 15, 834); The Succession of Abu Ishaq al-Mu'tasim on His Brother al-Ma'mun's Death; An Expedition Sent against the Khurramiyyah; The Events of the Year 219 (January 16, 834 - January 4, 835)
  • The Rebellion of the 'Alid Muhammad b. al-Qasim at al-TalaqanThe Campaign against the Zutt; The Events of the Year 220 (January 5 - December 25, 835); The Deportation of the Captured Zutt; The Affair of Babak and His Outbreak; The Reason for This Battle between al-Afshin and Babak; The Reason for al-Mu'tasim's Departure for al-Qatul; The Reason behind al-Mu'tasim's Anger against al-Fadl b. Marwan and His Imprisoning of the Latter, and the Reason for al-Fadl's Connection with al-Mu'tasim; The Events of the Year 221 (December 26, 835 - December 13, 836)
  • The Clashes of Bugha al-Kabir and al-Afshin with Babak, and the Reasons behind ThemThe Killing of Babak's Commander Tarkhan; The Events of the Year 222 (December 14, 836 - December 2, 837); The Engagement between al-Afshin's Forces and Babak's Commander Adhin and Its Causes; The Capture of al-Badhdh, How It Was Achieved, and the Reasons for This; The Events of the Year 223 (December 3, 837 - November 22, 838); Al-Afshin's Bringing of Babak and His Brother to al-Mu'tasim at Samarra and Their Execution; The Byzantine Emperor's Attacks on the Muslims at Zibatrah and Malatyah
  • The Reason for the Byzantine Ruler's Behaving Thus with the MuslimsAl-Mu'tasim's Campaign against 'Ammuriyyah; The Reason for al-Mu'tasim's Imprisoning al-'Abbas b. al-Ma'mun; The Events of the Year 224 (November 23, 838 - November 11, 839); The Reason for Mazyar's Open Rebellion againstal-Mu'tasim and His Severe Measures with the People of the Plain; The Story of the Poet Abu Shas; The Continuation of the Operations against Mazyar and His Capture and Execution; The Reasons behind Minkajur's Rebellion in Adharbayjan; The Events of the Year 225 (November 12, 839 - October 30, 840)
  • The Reason for al-Mu'tasim's Anger against al-Afshin and His Imprisoning HimThe Events of the Year 226 (October 31, 840 - October 20, 841); The Rebellion of 'Ali b. Ishaq in Damascus; Al-Afshin's Death, the Treatment of Him at That Time, and What Was Done with His Corpse after His Death; The Events of the Year 227 (October 21, 841 - October 9, 842); The Reason for Abu Harb al-Mubarqa's Rebellion and Its Eventual Outcome; Al-Mu'tasim's Fatal Illness, the Length of His Life, and His Physical Characteristics; Something about al-Mu'tasim's Character and Behavior; Bibliography of Cited Works
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