Graphical enumeration / Frank Harary, Edgar M. Palmer.

  • New York : Academic Press 1973
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  • Front Cover; Graphical Enumeration; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; Preface; CHAPTER 1. LABELED ENUMERATION; 1.1 The Number of Ways to Label a Graph; 1.2 Connected Graphs; 1.3 Blocks; 1.4 Eulerian Graphs; 1.5 The Number of k-Colored Graphs; 1.6 Acyclic Digraphs; 1.7 Trees; 1.8 Eulerian Trails in Digraphs; Exercises; CHAPTER 2. POLYA'S THEOREM; 2.1 Groups and Graphs; 2.2 The Cycle Index of a Permutation Group; 2.3 Burnside's Lemma; 2.4 Polya's Theorem; 2.5 The Special Figure Series 1 + x; 2.6 One-One Functions; Exercises; CHAPTER 3. TREES; 3.1 Rooted Trees; 3.2 Unrooted Trees
  • 3.3 Trees with Specified Properties3.4 Treelike Graphs; 3.5 Two-Trees; Exercises; CHAPTER 4. GRAPHS; 4.1 Graphs; 4.2 Connected Graphs; 4.3 Bicolored Graphs; 4.4 Rooted Graphs; 4.5 Supergraphs and Colored Graphs; 4.6 Boolean Functions; 4.7 Eulerian Graphs; Exercises; CHAPTER 5. DIGRAPHS; 5.1 Digraphs; 5.2 Tournaments; 5.3 Orientations of a Graph; 5.4 Mixed Graphs; Exercises; CHAPTER 6. POWER GROUP ENUMERATION; 6.1 Power Group Enumeration Theorem; 6.2 Self-Complementary Graphs; 6.3 Functions with Weights; 6.4 Graphs with Colored Lines; 6.5 Finite Automata; 6.6 Self-Converse Digraphs; Exercises
  • CHAPTER 7. SUPERPOSITION7.1 Redfield's Enumeration Theorem; 7.2 Redfield's Decomposition Theorem; 7.3 Graphs and Digraphs; 7.4 A Generalization of Redfield's Enumeration Theorem; 7.5 General Graphs; Exercises; CHAPTER 8. BLOCKS; 8.1 A Generalization of Redfield's Lemma; 8.2 The Composition Group; 8.3 The Composition Theorem; 8.4 Connected Graphs; 8.5 Cycle Index Sums for Rooted Graphs; 8.6 Blocks; 8.7 Graphs with Given Blocks; 8.8 Acyclic Digraphs; Exercises; CHAPTER 9. ASYMPTOTICS; 9.1 Graphs; 9.2 Digraphs; 9.3 Graphs with a Given Number of Points and Lines; 9.4 Connected Graphs and Blocks
  • 9.5 TreesExercises; CHAPTER 10. UNSOLVED PROBLEMS; 10.1 Labeled Graphs; 10.2 Digraphs; 10.3 Graphs with Given Structural Properties; 10.4 Graphs with Given Parameter; 10.5 Subgraphs of a Given Graph; 10.6 Supergraphs of a Given Graph; 10.7 Graphs and Coloring; 10.8 Variations on Graphs; APPENDIXES I; APPENDIXES II; APPENDIXES III; BIBLIOGRAPHY; Index
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