Leeds Arts University

Contact details

Website: https://portal.leeds-art.ac.uk/library Email: ill@leeds-art.ac.uk Telephone: +44 0113 202 8169

About the library

Leeds Arts University is the only specialist arts university in the north of England, and has library collections that reflect the evolving teaching priorities of a student-focused institution. These collections are held at two libraries; the main university campus library at Blenheim Walk, and the Further Education campus library at Vernon Street.

The Leeds Arts University Special Collections are home to around 2000 Artists' Books, Photobooks and Illustrative Books. These collections contain many volumes which are works of art in their own right and they are an important resource for research, teaching, and inspiration and are all discoverable in Library Hub. The Library also houses the institutional archive with important material relating to the history of the institution, but this is not currently discoverable in Library Hub.

The local library catalogue is available online.

British Library inter-library loan codes

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For an explanation of these codes, and for more information on arranging inter-library loans, see the inter-library loans page on the British Library website.

Accessing materials

Can I see live document availability on Library Hub Discover? No.

Can I obtain items via inter-library loan? Yes - subject to the library's local lending policy. You must request an inter-library loan via a library of which you are a member. Talk to your own library staff for advice on ordering an item.

Can I visit the library to view materials? Yes - see the library's website for access details. If you wish to visit it is advisable to contact the library in advance, to ensure that they can accommodate you and that the material you need will be available.


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